They say good neighbours are your first family. Of course, how would India know? For we as a nation have the distinct trauma privilege of having Pakistan and China as our padosi mulk.

Alas, once again we were betrayed by China. Once again, it was China who crushed India's chances of joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

Why China, why?

India has always been so nice to you Mr. Xi Jinping!  

Remember how PM Modi had treated you to so many fun activities when you'd come to India the last time?

Source: The daily star

He even shared his favourite swing with you.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

And did everything he could, to keep you entertained.

And yet, even after all this, you voted against us.

But now, enough is enough. We're done being the nice guys.  

We're warning you Mr. Jinping, the next time you backstab us, there'll be consequences.

Source: Naya Page

But don't worry. We won't resort to any violence. This is the land of Gandhi, after all. Hence, we'll use some non-violent methods to do some real damage.  

Like taking your signature dishes, and ruining them forever.

Source: Masimpex

Like really ruin it.

Source: A girl with fork

The damage will be irreversible.

Source: Rumours

We'll also start producing better duplicates than you.

Source: anon108

We'll never tell you why we find this collaboration of yours with Pakistan so funny. Hehehehe!

Source: Daily Pakistan

We'll re-hire this news anchor right before your next visit to India.

Source: BBC

We'll send Shakti Kapoor to your Shaolin temples to teach martial arts.

Source: Pix Good

Warned, you've been. Consequences, there'll be.