Do you think aliens exist? 

Have you ever seen, or met one? What do they look like? Are they scary, or not?

These 12 people think they have seen or met extraterrestrials, and it's up to you whether you believe them or not.

1. 'We were taken aboard an enormous spacecraft against our will'.

It happened in 1977, when I was an NCO in the USAF. A friend and I were abducted from our wilderness campsite and taken aboard an enormous spacecraft against our will. We were treated like lab rats by our captors. I feel fortunate to have survived, my friend did not.

-Terry Lovelace

2. 'They came into my room and surrounded my bed'.

First encounter was around age 6. I woke up to what you would call a "grey" in a shared bedroom with my two siblings who slept through it. I startled the creature and it glided/ran down the hallway and ran "through" my parents closed bedroom door. I opened the door and it was not in the room. It had vanished. Nobody else saw this encounter. 

- Mr_throwaway_999

3. 'I clearly saw something standing behind me'.

It was when I visited my grandfather’s village. I was sleeping with my mom and at late night I clearly saw something standing behind me. It was a dark figure about 4 and a half feet in height. Then it jumped to the roof and I closed my eyes and went inside the blanket. I don't remember anything else. But whenever I tell this incident to everyone,they say i might be dreaming.But i m pretty sure what happened with me .My view:ghosts don't exists but these ghosts are aliens, they are beings not only from our universe but from different other dimensions.

- Anonymous

4. 'Never seen anything like that before and never saw it again'.

Late, but one time I was driving on the highway in Arizona at night and to my right, I saw what looked like a coyote on it's hind legs, running like a person, very fast. I mean this thing was seriously hauling ass, I was going 70 and this thing kept up with me for a good 5 seconds. Looked in my rear-view mirror and it was gone. Slowed down a bit to see if it could catch up again, but I never saw it. Freaked me right out. Never seen anything like that before and never saw it again.

- RatHead6661

5. 'They also told her that they had abducted my mother'.

When my mom and Lisa were teenagers, they were up on the roof of Lisa's house, and they see a bright light in the sky. Next thing they know, the light is gone. Thing is, they think they've been on the roof for like 15 minutes, but something like 3 hours passed.

6. 'The little person kinda waved at us'.

We were hiking with friends and my sister and I got separated from the group as we stopped to look at the night sky. I remember being able to see the huge array of stars extending over the sky. We stopped on a high rock and when we turned around to continue our way up the trail, we saw this little person about 200 meters away from us. We stopped cold and didn't move for a while, then the little person kinda waved and started walking with a high speed towards the forested part of the park, away from the rocky mountain. I will never forget and to this day I avoid going hiking by myself or late at night. I couldn't sleep for a few days. It was thin, with long legs, I mean his legs were too long for his body. Also when it sort of waved, I noticed it had long fingers too. It had normal sized eyes and no mouth or at least none we could see.

- AlphaMW3

7. 'It jerked back in when it perceived I was looking'. 

I'm not sure if what I saw was an alien or just some otherworldly deity. I shared a small bedroom with my older sister and was laying on the end of my twin bed, I can see it so clearly. Our closet door was open. My little brother and I had been having wars of jumping out scaring each other and when I saw a movement in my closet I slowly closed my book and peered in thinking Erik was about to jump out. To my horror a skinny, greyish, almost rotting-looking, not even close to human arm/hand came out from between the rows of my hanging clothes and jerked back in when it perceived I was looking. I can still see my clothes swaying back and forth from whatever was there. I summoned up every ounce of courage even though I was terrified (all the while thinking it's not real it's not real), pulled the clothes apart and screamed “GOTCHA Erik!” I quickly realized with a sinking heart that there was nothing and nobody there. Even worse, when I ran crying/screaming from my room there my brother was, outside, jumping on the trampoline looking at me like I was crazy. My mother was vacuuming and my sister and father weren't home.

- Janine Speer Dacy

8. 'She later peeks out to see the figure staring at her as it throws itself out of the window'.


Around 3 am, my mom wakes up and sees a tall and thin discolored figure standing at the end of her brothers bed. She starts silently panicking not wanting to alert the figure, and wakes up her sister sleeping next to her, alerting her of the presence. My moms sister tells my mom to stay quiet and pretend to sleep as this has happened before. My mom is confused but listens and pulls the thin sheet over her head to hide.

- Rllyfkngay

9. 'There was one standing beside my bed just staring at me'.

The very first memory I have of a grey I was in first grade. I woke and turned over and there was one standing beside my bed just staring at me. It couldn't have been any taller than 2 and a half to 3 feet. Shorter than I was at the time. It was wearing a v neck silky looking black shirt with silver trim around the v neck. There was also a v looking symbol on the right chest of the shirt. As soon as I looked at it I blacked out and it seemed seconds later my mother was waking me for school. 

- Ufoprobe 

10. 'She noticed a flash in the forest and saw a very tall preying mantis type of being'.

My ex was experiencing the same thing. She had never heard of any of the UFO folklore and had no idea of knowing that the things she described had happened to others and been recorded in the abduction literature. I was interested, but was not sure I believed it.


11. 'I saw them frequently in my room. Hiding in the corners looking at me'.

I saw strange lights outside my window one night. I opened the shad and saw a common grey looking at me. I was calm and felt at peace. I saw them frequently in my room. Hiding in the corners looking at me. I got a pet ferret and it was caged at night. I saw a reptile like creature standing behind my bedroom door. My mother opened the door to check on me, the creature seem to evade into the wall as she opened the door. When she closed it the creature came forward. It was very interested in the ferret and inspected the cage. it then turned to me, this was the first time I felt fear around one of them. it moved over to me and looked down at me. That is all I remember. the next morning, getting ready for school my mother pointed out bruises and scratches on my back. Anther creature I saw illumined its own light ,but did not light up the room, and was standing next to the head of my bed. When I noticed it the creatures eyes got wider or more opened as if i was surprised.

- edward_RFP

12. 'The photograph appears to show a ‘humanoid’ figure over 1 metre high'.

On December 1st 1987, retired policeman Phillip Spencer set out on a walk across a windswept Ilkley Moors in the early hours of the morning, taking with him a camera in the hope of photographing the ‘strange lights’ that had recently been reported in the area. Suddenly, to his immense surprise, he spotted a human-like creature ahead of him in the gloom. He clicked the camera and duly photographed one of the most talked-about photographs in the history of unexplained phenomena. Although very blurred, the photograph appears to show a ‘humanoid’ figure over 1 metre high, that bears an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Greys’ of UFO legend.

- Steph Young

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