If you are vacationing in Colombia, I am sure you would want to try out their local cuisines and dishes for an authentic Colombian experience. So without further ado, here is a list of Colombia's must-try street food dishes. 

1. Almojábana

This delicious bun-style cheese bread is made with pre-cooked cornmeal, eggs, milk and salted cottage cheese. It is a staple that is eaten as a snack or at breakfast. 

Source: hispanickitchen.com

2. Buñuelos

Buñuelos are deep-fried cheese balls made of salty flour and curdled cheese. It is then, served with chocolate sauce or arequipe, a confection made of sweetened milk. It is a popular breakfast treat that is best enjoyed piping hot and fresh. 

Source: www.unacolombianaencalifornia.com

3. Churros

Churros are deep fried, donut-like pastries which are typically served with a side dish of chocolate. It is often served with a sprinkle of sugar on it. 

Source: www.poorexplorer.com

4. Empanadas

Empanadas are deep-fried cornmeal dough pastries that are stuffed with potato and minced beef or chicken. It is a favourite savory treat for on-the-go snacking. 

Source: www.goya.com

5. Lechón

Colombians love pork and they can never refuse eating it, especially, when a pig is slow-cooked over a hot charcoal pit till its skin becomes crispy. This mouth-watering dish is then served with hot sauce and a tamale. 

Source: www.lata.travel

6. Salchipapa

Salchipapa is made with hot dog and potato. This delicious plate of hot fried potato and sausage is then served with ketchup on the side.

Source: www.colombia.com

7. Tamales

Corn dough is mixed with meat or veggies and steamed inside wrapped bananas leaves to make Tamales. This is a classic Colombian dish you should try out. 

Source: blog.seccionamarilla.com.mx

8. Arepas

Arepas is a quintessential street food that is made of deep-fried sweet cornmeal dough. This is a regional dish that is made in a variety of styles, locally. 

Source: www.tucantravel.com

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