Are you one of those people who can't get out of bed in the morning without a cup of coffee? Or are you someone who burn the midnight oil and banks on regular caffeine doses to carry you through the night? Whichever one of those you may be, an Australian cafe has started serving a new kind of coffee that you might certainly enjoy drinking.

And it has been aptly named The Adelaide Ass Kicker. 

According to Mashable, this was first made for a nurse in an emergency department. The nurse needed to stay awake for a long time. She consumed a cup of this coffee over two days and it kept her awake for three straight days. 

Viscous café in Adelaide, that serves this coffee, says that it contains caffeine that is equal to 80 standard cups of standard strong coffee!

An average cup of coffee contains 100-200 milligrams of coffee. An espresso has about 60 milligrams. The Ass Kicker contains, wait for it, FIVE whole grams of caffeine. To put that in perspective, science says that about 10 grams of caffeine are enough to kill you

Source: ThisIsRadelaide

Steve Benington, owner of the Viscous café, told a newspaper that he has “toned it down a little” for general sale, but the coffee still comes with a warning. 

The Ass Kicker iced coffee is prepared using four shots of espresso, eight frozen cubes of ‘cold drip’ coffee, each of which contains the caffeine equivalent of more than two shots of espresso, and some 10-day brewed liquid cold-drip coffee. The drink is then topped with four more 48-hour cold brew ice cubes.  

With that recipe, it is not hard to believe that the Ass Kicker lives up to its name. The coffee comes in three sizes. the largest of which is recommended to be consumed over 3-4 hours, will set you back by $16 and help you kick ass for the next 12-18 hours.

Source: AuthorityNutrition

And If you think frequent trips to Starbucks may have made you capable of handling this bad boy, think again. The best you can get at Starbucks is only 415 milligrams. Compared to The Ass Kicker, that's basically sparkling water.