Thinking of ditching that boring and not-so-durable bag you got with your laptop? Confused what to replace it with? Here are 6 amazing options that are stylish, durable and not-so-expensive.

1. Safari Focus 27L Laptop Bag

Price - ₹944/-

Source: Safari

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2. Puma Classic Medium Backpack 24L Laptop Bag

Price - ₹750/-

Source: Puma

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3. Tommy Hilfiger HORIZON PLUS 24.5L Backpack

Price - ₹1,000/-

Source: Tom Hilfiger

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4, Billion HiStorage Backpack

Price- ₹ 839/-

Source: Flipkart

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5. American Tourister AMT 2016 – Ebony Backpack

Price - ₹870/-

Source: Amazon

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6. Gear Triumph 27L Navy Blue and Beige Casual Backpack

Price - ₹929/-

Source: Gear

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