Sunny Leone has been a household name in this country, even before she entered Bollywood. Her fans love her, and if ever you doubted that, we have video proof.

Source: Nowrunning

This is a scene from Kerala where the actor set foot.

As the Jism 2 actor made her way to Kochi - she was greeted by a friendly mob comprising of many, many and many people.

In case you were struggling, that solitary car in the middle of all those people is where Sunny is seated.

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So much that even the actor herself couldn't stop gushing about the sea of love, she was subjected to by her fans in Kochi.

The crowd even began chanting 'We want Sunny' like at a rock concert!

The internet also had a lot of fun with this:

Someone even alleged that Sunny was throwing some shade on some creepy behaviour on the part of her Kochi fans, but the Baby Doll star was quick to respond.

More power to you girl, may you always be the golden baby doll!