We all want to be superheroes, but I for one don't exactly want the baggage of their backstories. It always involves someone dying and getting bitten by painful mutated bugs. There's still reason to rejoice though, because if you think about it, we as humans have our own unrealised superpowers right within these earthly vessels we call bodies.

Here are some superpowers we all have!

1. Our brains actually generate electricity

Our neurons work to transmit messages in the brain, and they produce a pretty decent amount of electricity in the process. In fact, the 20W of electricity it produces could be used to light something like a dim bulb!

Source: Neurosciencestuff

2. Weight for weight, our bones are stronger than steel

At least up until our 30s, our bones are stronger than most of the strongest materials around. They can even bear a load four times more than concrete. Weight for weight, our bones are actually 5 times stronger than steel!

Source: Hellodoctor

3. Our eyes are basically 576 megapixel cameras

Different phones offer different megapixel cameras, ranging from 8 to 12 to 41. Even a DSLR is 120 megapixels. Our eyeballs however are a mind boggling 576 megapixels! Kind of explains why we can see almost 10 million colours.

Source: Psychologytoday

4. We can change our mood by changing our facial expressions

Weirdly enough, science has shown that facial expressions are more powerful than thoughts or emotions in evoking a particular state of mind. It's obviously not an instantaneous dash of dopamine or something, but it does work in a subtle way.

Source: Neduzi

5. We can use an adrenaline rush to achieve feats of abnormal strength

The sudden burst of energy that you get when doing adventure sports is known as an adrenaline rush. Think bungee jumping, racing or skydiving. We can however, also use this increased power injection to achieve feats of greater than usual ability and strength.

Source: Hellotravel

6. We can use sound to 'see' like bats

Though rare, there are people who have become masters at using echolocation to traverse the environment. This involves using a sonar-like sense of hearing that's so sharp it basically replaces vision. More prevalent in the blind, anyone can train themselves to do this with a blindfold and lots of patience.

Source: Bancodusaude

7. Our hearts generate enough energy to drive a truck

It may sound crazy, but our hearts actually generate enough energy every day to drive a truck 32 km! That's a lot of power inside one person.

Source: Stemcellclinic

8. We can actually survive for up to 2 months without food

Experts believe that a human being can survive without food for up to 2 months, and it's even been documented, as in the case of a Swedish man named Peter Skyllberg, who was trapped in a car buried under snow. He survived by just eating handfulls of snow!

Source: Imgforu

9. Our noses can recognise and remember 50,000 different scents

It might not compare to the magic that a dog's nose can do, but we still have some pretty discerning olfactory scenes. Remembering 50,000 unique scents and smells is no mean feat!

Source: Islam

10. Our stomach acids are so strong that we grow a new stomach lining every 3 days

The acids in our stomach that break down food also do a number on the stomach lining, but luckily our bodies grow an entirely news lining every 3 days. If it didn't, those same acids would straight up digest our own stomachs! Nasty.

Source: Streetrat