Tuitions have become an integral part of the lives of the students these days. From young school-going kids to adolescents preparing for competitive exams, they find it difficult to cope with studies no matter what the subject is.

1. According to a survey that covered 10 countries across the world, it appears that Indian students take the maximum number of tutorial classes.

Source: The Week

2. Of all the students who take tuitions, 74% of them choose to take classes for Mathematics, followed by Physics(64%) and Chemistry(62%). 

Source: Businessworld

3. The survey also concluded that although 72% of the school children are involved in extracurricular activities, very few of them participate in sports.

Participation in sports is so less that as much as 3% school students play more than 6 hours a week. 

These findings are a part of the Cambridge International Global Education Census Report. The sample size in India included 4,400 teachers and 3,800 students from across the country.

Source: The Week

One of the major factors behind students choosing to take tuitions is because engineering and medical remain the most popular streams till now. 

4. 31.8% students enroll themselves in some kind of online courses that are not a part of their school work.

Source: The Week

5. 40% Indian students spend 2-4 hours on their homework every day while a good 37% spend the same time over the weekend too.

Of all the extracurricular activities, debating is the most popular one pursued by 36% students, followed by science club, arts, and book club

6. 23% Indian students say they want to be a doctor, 23% an engineer and 16% a software engineer.

Source: Financial Express

With more students taking private tuitions, we are left wondering what is the real cause behind this. 

Is it the increasing pressure and competition that is taking a toll on the school kids, or is it just another trend?