Let's just get straight to the point - no matter what, a dessert can always solve any and every problem. True, right? Whether it's a relationship issue, a hectic day at work or just a boring weekend, a bowl of sweetness can calm our nerves like nothing else. More so, when it's got chocolate on it! After all, who doesn't need a reason to have chocolate?

So, celebrating our perpetual love for the same, folks at Swiggy have collaborated with some renowned dessert makers across metro cities on the occasion of World Chocolate Day. They have launched Swiggy Signatures: Chocolate Edition, an exclusive selection of chocolate desserts available on Swiggy Pop from 4pm to 7pm till the 14th of July'18.

Too much information? Let me help you out...

This basically means you can order some exotic choco-desserts made exclusively by popular bakeries and patisseries in your city on the Swiggy app! (The chocolate lover in me screaming yasss!) Here's what you can look forward to in these cities


1. Flourless Chocolate Cake from Espress-o-ville

Yes, you read that right. There's no flour, which means there's more chocolate to love, which means it's gotta be mind-numbingly deliciousss! Seriously, this gluten-free cake by Espress-o-ville is as indulgent, as gooey and as dense as it gets. Try it yourself, no kidding!

2. Belgian Chocolate Silk - Eggless from Theos Patisserie

Specially crafted for all vegetarians and those for who've got to follow a no-egg-Tuesdays rule, this silken mousse by Theos Patisserie has 54.5% dark Callebaut chocolate and is so divinely delicious that you'll definitely say "amen" the moment you eat it.


3. Oreo Pie from A Vanilla Bean

Ahh! Someone has finally made this. The baking tutorials on Facebook had me craving for this for so long that I had to curb it with the regular Oreo shake. This one by A Vanilla Bean has to be added in your cart right now!  

4. Choco Cookie Brownie Sundae from Cafe Chocolade

A classic one by Cafe Chokolade, this one has tonnes of chocolate sauce, crunchy cookie crumbs, dense brownies and our favourite Gems! Sounds perfect for a lazy Sunday, doesn't it?


5. Nutty XOcolate from XO Belgian

So picture this - there's a choco waffle topped with cream cheese, brownie bits, roasted nuts and wait for it - lots & lots of Nutella! This one by XO Belgian is simply top-notch. Can it be any more awesome?

6. Swiggy Thick Shake from Thickshake Factory

A classic combination that we couldn't really find otherwise, this shake blends a generous serving of chocolate with plenty of blueberries. While I curse myself for not being in Bengaluru right now, why don't you go ahead and order a glass of this yummy by Thickshake Factory?


7. Spicy Chocolate Thickshake from The Thickshake Factory

When you have masala chai and spiced lattes, then why should chocolate be left out of the race? So here's a deadly combo for you. This one by The Thickshake Factory has the right kick of red chilies in the traditional chocolate ice-cream shake. Looks exotic, doesn't it?

8. Mud Chocolate Jar from Karachi Bakery

This is as chocolatey as it can get. The dessert by Karachi Bakery has oodles of chocolate- hazelnut syrup, spongy chocolate cake and is topped with Belgian chocolate chips. How's that for chocoception? I mean, just look at the jar! *drools*

Now don't tell me you aren't imagining yourself with a choco-parcel already? Well, der kis baat ki, click here and order right away from Swiggy! Don't forget, it's just for a week so you better hurry up and save a cookie or two for me, perhaps? 

Okay bye, my order's here!