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You know them all too well. You’re sitting next to someone on a bus or train, busy texting whoever, just going about your merry way, when you see their silhouette from the corner of your eye. You know, the ones who are peeking into your phone like it’s nobody’s business as if what goes on in a stranger’s life is somehow going to affect theirs. Yep, don’t you wish your phone screen was magically invisible to all except you.

Well, if you agree, here are 10 times we wished everything in life was password protected:

1. When your boyfriend/girlfriend/nosy friend wants to check your phone.

“Can you please take your hands off my phone or else I’ll have to resort to killing you. No, seriously, I’m not joking.”

*smiles evilly*

2. When a roommate “borrows” your clothes… permanently.

I know you’re my roommate and we share a deep bond and everything but I never liked you enough that you could just take anything I own and never even give it back. Seriously, man, there’s a reason why I own the clothes I own. I like them. And I’d like to keep them if that’s okay with you.

3. When you order lunch for yourself in the office and literally everyone wants a bite.

Most office lunch tables are not a friendly place for those who don’t like to share their food. Hard work consumes quite a lot of calories which often makes us want to order something fancy to satisfy our apatite. OUR apatite. Not that of everybody in the office and their grandmothers.  

4. When you leave the last piece of cake in the fridge but your siblings have it because they think having the last piece of anything is their birthright.

I know sharing is caring, especially when our siblings are in question but there’s a reason why I saved that last piece for myself. I was obviously saving it for a better time. I didn’t keep it to satisfy your hunger pangs that occur while I was out. And even if that happens, there’s always a packet of generic biscuits in the kitchen. Please consider munching on those next time, dear brother/sister.

5. When your Mother finds a love note from your girlfriend/boyfriend in your jeans.

Not saying our mothers are in the wrong to check our pants before throwing them into the laundry basket. This habit of theirs has saved many of our precious notes, receipts and bills. But, then again, when they find other things that are not supposed to find, shit gets a little too awkward. Clearly, there is more to lose than there is to gain, here.

6. When someone finds an embarrassing picture of you from 9 years ago, on Facebook.

Cyberstalking ruins lives. If you don’t believe me, just talk to someone whose friends have scouted embarrassing, old pictures of them on Facebook. I’m referring to pictures uploaded during that golden era when we were in our awkward phase and didn’t hesitate to upload photos of ourselves wearing bright coloured clothing, posing like there’s no tomorrow. There’s always a tomorrow. Always.

7. When your friend borrows your laptop to check his mail and accidentally looks at your search history.

‘Accidentally’. Yeah, right. Everybody knows that our deepest, darkest secrets are embedded in our internet history. Secrets that are meant to live and die with us. Secrets that could ruin lives. Secrets that if revealed to our friends, will change their perception of us forever. And, if they ever get their hands on it, we know for sure, things will never be the same again.

8. When you accidentally leave your wallet lying around and find cash missing later.

Good God. Why are people so strange? I mean, yeah, ‘Finders keepers’ was the name of the game when we were kids, but why would an adult even consider so much as taking a peek inside someone else’s wallet, much less take cash from it without even letting them know. Life can be incredibly hard for people who are not overprotective of their belongings, sometimes.

9. When you’re trying to have a conversation with a colleague but the other colleagues just can’t help but eavesdrop.

No, bro, we’re not gossiping about what you posted on Snapchat last night. In fact, we’re not talking about you at all. In fact, we never talk about you. I don’t even know what your last name, man. You know why? Because you’re not important. You may be in your own little life but not ours. So, stop stretching your ear out in our direction because eavesdropping at work is the most uncool thing ever.

10. When your friend borrows your pen drive to get Thing A and then goes on to explore B, C, D through Z.

Really, some people think it’s their birthright to take all the liberty they please with the data present in the pen drives they borrow from us. This is why all of us data hoarders are so thankful for Kingston Secured USB Drives, a range of secure USB drives with password protection. Available in multiple capacities and a USB 3.0 interface, these nifty pieces of tech are capable of reformatting themselves after 10 intrusion attempts.

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