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Being a solo backpacker, I get to meet new people on every trip. And this time, I camped with a bunch of foreign tourists in Mukteshwar, a quaint hill town in Uttarakhand. While we were all sitting around the bonfire, one of ’em suggested that we all should share our stories. And, when it was my turn, I told ’em about how much I love partying on weekends, sometimes even post-midnight in the best clubs in town. And just when I finished telling my story, all of them gave me a really surprising response, they were like, “Oh! We thought everything in India closes by 8 PM!” Well honestly, I wasn’t really shocked to hear that ’cause I’ve heard many more stereotypical notions about us Indians from foreign peeps.     
So recently, while surfing my Instagram feed, I found #IndiaReadyAction video by Samsung that aimed at busting the age-old stereotypes around India and its people. And, without wasting any time, I shared that video with my friends and those foreign tourists whom I met during my last trip. And, guess what? To give you context, I’ve listed some of the best videos here in this article. Scroll and watch ’em all!   

1. ‘All Indian wedding outfits are OTT.’ Ummm…think again?

2. ‘Indian music is all about film music.’ Yeah right, you need to check my playlist!

3. ‘Indians just play cricket.’ Wait, are you kidding me?

4. ‘Indian nightlife is not fun.’ Maybe you went to all the wrong places…

5. ‘India is overcrowded.’ Well, I guess you haven’t explored it yet!

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India has always been a diverse country. Billions of people, multiple languages, varied culture, different cuisines and a myriad of opportunities. However, India is often infamously known to be overcrowded by the rest of the world. While India do have a large number of population, it is wrong to assume the same about the entire country. So I decided to spend a day in Kolkata, one of the biggest cities in India, to enjoy my moments of solitude and break the stereotype. If you too have a stereotype to bust, join the #IndiaReadyAction programme and you too can make similar videos to break stereotypes that the world holds about India. Let’s show the world what real India is 🙂 Link in bio. Shot on Samsung A70 @SamsungIndia #Kolkata #places

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6. ‘Indian food is all about curries.’ Well, come hang out with me, I’m gonna break this one in an hour! 

Looks like these millennials are finally spreading out the things that we all wished to tell the world for so long. And, now it’s time for you to participate in Samsung’s #IndiaReadyAction campaign and share the videos that’ll help shatter age-old stereotypes, and show the world what the real India looks like! 

Wanna know how to take part in it?

It’s quite simple fellas! All you need to do is pick a theme (food, entertainment, places, culture), shoot a video (up to 60 seconds), upload it on Instagram by tagging Samsung India and add three hashtags (#IndiaReadyAction, #CityName, #Theme). And then, just share it with the world! Easy-breezy, isn’t it?   

Plus, your video will be featured on #IndiaReadyAction’s official map

Sounds awesome, no? Well, another awesome thing about this campaign is that the best videos will get a chance to win grand prizes like Galaxy A70, Galaxy A80 and Smart TV by Samsung! Check out the complete details on this page. And, and, and, watch the video below…  


What are you waiting for now? Go break all the stereotypes and set a fresh narrative!

India, Ready, Action!   

All videos are sourced from respective Instagram handles.