Ever wondered how emoji only show women painting their nails or dancing around or getting a haircut? While some of us might love to do these things, there is more to us than just that. Many women, in reality, have been miffed at the under-representation and sexist depiction. But that is soon going to change. Thank God!


Apple has finally taken note and we couldn’t be happier. They recently released a beta version of iOS 10 and introduced an array of over 100 emoji with a special focus on women, to include greater gender diversity. 


The new emoji characters are now female versions of a number of previously male-only characters. They are now athletes, swimmers, police officers, construction workers and surfers. But that’s not it. There are now male versions of dancing, haircuts and messaging emoji as well.

Apple in a statement said, 

“We are working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.”

Until recently, emoji options have seriously lacked diversity and underrepresented women. Companies have been trying hard in the recent times, to best represent reality and are making efforts to ensure there is greater representation of women just like the men and be more inclusive.

There is now a rainbow flag too, reflecting Apple’s support for same-sex marriage.

Women can do everything and we are glad, Apple and many such big companies are acknowledging it. 

Image Source: Apple