Called the Har Har Mahadev app, it has been introduced on Banaras Hindu University’s campus. 

The app has been developed by a neurologist of the Institute of Medical Sciences of BHU, with the purpose of blocking inappropriate content on the web.


It isn’t just restricted to porn sites, it blocks any type of violent, vulgar or abusive content. However, if you do try to access such sites or if you accidentally open one on your browser you will not be met by pornography but a bhajan instead. 

Yup, you heard that right.

Currently, it blocks over 3800 websites. 


Dr Vijay Nath Mishra, who, along with his team, is responsible for developing the app in 6 months told TOI, “We have developed the website blocker and internet filtering services, so one can surf safely without any fear of opening adult or objectionable sites. We will update it further as more and more unwanted sites are cropping up daily.”


Dr Mishra also mentioned that there will be devotional songs of other religions included on the app as well. As of now, it only plays Hindu bhajans