Admit it. A majority of us hate using public restrooms. No matter how ‘grave’ the situation is, we try to  fight it back.

Because germs.



And if we DO have to use a public restroom, we make sure we use a hand dryer instead of paper towels.

Because hey, it’s air, and it’s warm. It’s bound to be safe and hygienic. Right?

Source: Cubs Rule


Well, apparently not. Just when you thought life was simple, a study has broken another myth.

Turns out Dyson hand-dryers are WAYYYY more unhygienic than paper towels and normal hand dryers.


Reason being that it blows out air at more than 300 miles per hour. And thus, ends up spreading germs all across the washroom!


So even if you’re standing next to a guy who’s using the Dyson hand-dryer, chances are that you’re getting some quality germs all over yourself.


Do yourself a favour. Opt for paper towels the next time.