Almost 2 decades ago, EA Sports introduced us to FIFA. And for sports/gaming fans, the world was never the same again. Every year, come September, a new FIFA version is released and countless fans run to the store while the really eager ones pre-order online. It’s the excitement of the new interface, the new gameplay, the latest transfers, the updated squads. I can go on and on. Like EA Sports says, “It’s in the game!”

While there have been many feature upgrades over the years. Like the indoor game mode in FIFA 97 Gold.


The classic mode in FIFA 2000 that took us back in time with its sepia tone.


Of course, there are many other modes as well which have been developed over time. Like the FIFA Ultimate Team.

Ea Sports

Or the ‘Be A Pro’ mode.


But this time, EA has pulled out all the stops with a new game mode called ‘The Journey!’ In this mode, you play as Alex Hunter – a youngster who is moving fast through the ranks, hoping to make a big impact in the Premier League.

EA sports

Not only do you have to answer questions on his behalf, you also have to make sure you make the right career choices as well.

EA sports

Because it’s not just about the game, there will be highs & there will be lows too.

Excited? We certainly are. 

This epic trailer will make you wish you can get your hands on the game right away:

Let’s get ready for ‘The Journey!’