He may not be old enough to use Instagram, but a 10-year-old hacker from Finland got paid $10,000 by Facebook after he managed to hack into the photo sharing app. 

Jani is too young to have a Facebook account, or an Instagram one (the age limit is 13), but he managed to break into Instagram and could delete any comment or account. Jani did this by altering the code, which allowed him to force delete user posts, Forbes reported.

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Talking to local publication Iltalehti, Jani said, 

“I would have been able to eliminate anyone, even Justin Bieber.”

In the past five years, Facebook has given $4.3 million in response to 2400 valid submissions from 800 hackers, Last year, the average payout was $1,780. This perhaps indicates how important Jani’s discovery is given he got paid $10,000 for it.

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The youngest hacker before Jani to be rewarded for hacking into a Facebook product was set by a 13-year-old in 2013. Incidentally, Indian hackers have been able to reveal more bugs than people of other nationalities. 

Feature image source: AFP