Whether you’re tracking your Uber trip or finding your way in a new place, Google maps has become a go-to application for all navigation related issues. We know it sounds awesome, and it really has made life easier. But here are a few things that will tell you that you had no idea exactly how awesome Google maps is. Here are a few features that very few know of.

1. Not only does google maps take you to your desired location, it can also help you keep a check on your speed. 

All you need to do is download Velociraptor, which is available on the Play Store. Grant the app the permission to locate you, and you will find a floating speed-limit widget on your map. 

Google Plus

2. You can plan trips in advance with Google maps

So all you have to do is select you location and the desired destination (like you usually do), then flick your finger over the ‘public transportation’ tab, choose ‘Depart At’. After this, you can change the time, change it to ‘Arrive by’ and choose the time you’d like to take the public transport. How cool is that?


3. You can add pit stops and check the prices of petrol.

Scroll your finger over to three dot icon on the upper right, choose ‘Add stop’ and you can save the destination you wish to arrive at. 

Not only that, you can also check out gas stations, along with the prices of fuel at each station.


4. You can add labels to places registered with Google maps.

Most of us know the option that to save an address on Maps, you can ‘Star’ the location and it will appear in ‘Your Places’. But you may not have known that you can even save an address as generic as your friends’ place. 

The pop up that appears at your destination, click on it, and save it by whatever name you wish.

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5. Google Maps allows you to ‘Change Your View’.

You can change the orientation or the view of your map by tapping on the compass. When you tap it once, the map faces north, and you will see the directions likewise. Tap it again and it will give you the directions based on where you’re facing. 

Map My India

6. You can send directions to your phone from your computer.

So if you happen to be searching for an address on your computer, and if you need it on your phone just select the ‘send to phone’ option and voila! There’s your notification.

You need to be logged in via the same e-mail for this to work, though.


7. Google Maps ‘Street View’ feature can be used with 3D effect.

Yep. Press ‘3’ or ‘T’ and you can actually have a 3D image of the street you’re in.

Google Street View

8. You can measure your long journeys on Google Maps.

Any distance across the globe can be measured with a right click on Google Maps. Choose ‘Measure Location’ on your dropdown and this will create a point on the map. Click on the map and the distance between the two places will be calculated. The more you click on the map, the more dots will appear.

Google Maps

9. You create your own map.

Want to have a dinner get together? Decide a destination, mark it using flags, shapes or other objects and mark your destination. There should be zero chances of people losing their way while arriving at the destination.


Not only this, you can track all the places you were at in the past, and even navigate through malls. Life just got as easy as it could possibly get, right?