One would have thought the CEO of the world’s largest social network site would at least make his own posts right? Wrong!  

Your whole life has been a lie people! 

Mark Zuckerberg’s meticulously-maintained Facebook page, with heartwarming status updates, cool pictures and the most quirky videos, made him look like God’s gift to wit and humour. 

Turns out, it was all too good to be true after all. 

A Bloomberg report has revealed that there are at least 12 Facebook employees manage his Facebook page and help him write his posts and speeches. There are even some people who delete abusive comments, trolls and spam for him, thereby managing his image online.

And not only do they help write posts, but they also take photographs of his family and his travels. All those adorable pictures that he posts on his page, for instance, are captured by his personal photographers .

b’Source: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook’

One of these photographers is Charles Ommanney, who previously covered the refugee crisis in Syria for The Washington.

Seeing his awesome posts now, you wouldn’t believe that there was once a time when Zuckerberg was criticized for being too private online while running Facebook which encouraged users to literally share everything.