It has been 4 years since Tinder first launched in India. Gradually, it has attained a large enough user-base so as to set up their own office in the Capital. 

Yes. Tinder is awesome and it gives us an opportunity to meet new people from an enormous pool of exciting people who are, more or less, looking for the same thing as you are. 


But, there is a catch. The people you swipe right may or may not swipe right at you. That is kinda sad. And hence, to increase our chances on this app that witnesses a billion “swipes” per day, we put our best foot forward. 

Great set of profile pictures complete with a selfie, an adventure sport and a “candid” pose ? ✔

The truth is, even after we have perfected these 3-4 factors, things don’t always work out the way we would want them to. 

Well, we have news for all those Tinder users who are wondering why it doesn’t work. The reason you may be getting the right swipes on your profile could highly be dependent on factors which aren’t under your control. 

Your name.

Yeah, you read that right.

And against popular belief that a unique, cool-sounding, exotic name shall catch someone’s attention in a jiffy (you may take me for example), Tinder reports are telling a different story altogether. The same goes for common names like ‘Rahul’ or ‘Deepak’. Apparently, the Tinder-aty doesn’t like us much — I am talking to you, Rahul and Deepak.

Having the ‘right’ name could quite literally rectify the fault in your stars and scream “It’s A Match” from the rooftops.

Here is the list of names that are the ‘Most Swiped Right’ on Tinder in India.

Yeah, tag your friends with these names to let them know that they have an edge over EVERYONE ELSE. 

Okay, bye!

Design Credits: Disha Bhanot

Source: Tinder