Minimal tattoos. Text tattoos. White tattoos. Colourful tattoos. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos. Think you’ve seen it all? Not quite! What we’re about to tell you will change the way we see tattoos forever.

So, how about getting yourself a tattoo that can speak? Yes! With this new innovation in the tattoo business, you’ll soon be able to get a tattoo that can speak. Pretty cool, eh? 

Skin Motion, started by LA-based Nate Siggard, is giving voice to your tattoos. They’ve designed a special app to generate a sound wave pattern out of any one-minute song or a personalized audio.

After your soundwave pattern is generated, you can get it inked by a Skin Motion artist. And within a day of getting inked, you can play your tattoo using your app. How cool is that? 

Watch a tattoo speak for the first time ever: 


Pretty cool, ain’t it? I hope they make this possible in India too!