We have been seeing leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for a while now. The smartphone is going to launch on the 7th of August in Brooklyn, New York. However, a leaked image just showed us what could be the iPhone XR 2019 model. 


A leaked image of the Note 10 posted by tipster ice universe on their Twitter handle, shows the reflection of a smartphone with which the image has been clicked.

The rear camera bump on that device is very prominent and looks similar to what we have been seeing in the leaks of next iPhone. 

The phone in the reflection shows a square-shaped camera cutout with two sensors. Considering the two sensors, it’s speculated to be the next iPhone XR 2 or iPhone XR 2019 model. 

While some are still saying that it could be a prototype model, still there are some guessing games going on.

We can’t say for sure that the reflection is of the next iPhone XR but we know for sure that the next Apple iPhones will be launched in September.