Who knew that a tech company named after a fruit would come to define the meaning of cutting edge and fashionable consumer-tech for decades. Speaking of a decade, the #10YearChallenge has been doing the rounds on social media, and we thought it apt that Apple products be put through the gauntlet as well. Overall, once could say they’ve aged well. More than anything else, as millenials, these gadgets have been an intrinsic part of our lives and pop culture and seeing the latest models next to their ancestors might just send you on a serious nostalgia trip.

Note: Even though Apple upgrade cycles are short, we really can’t tell what the next batch of 2019 products will look like or comment on their features. So for the sake of this challenge, we will be portraying the very latest version of each product as available on this date.

1. iPhone

Source 1: lifewire.com 

Source 2: ishopping.pk 

2. MacBook Pro

Source 1: gumtree.com

Source 2: cardinaltech.wesleyan.edu

3. MacBook Air

Source 1: re-macs.com 

Source 2: engadget.com 

4. iMac

Source 1: cultofmac.com

Source 2: alternate.co.uk 

5. Mac Pro

Source 1: macsyss.com

Source 2: apple.com

6. iPad

Source 1: cgtrader.com 

Source 2: walmart.com 

7. iPod Touch

Source 1: deviantart.com 

Source 2: apple.com 

8. Earphones

Source 1: enacademic.com 

Source 2: eglobalcentraluk.com

9. Mouse

Source 1: store.apple4less.com 

Source 2: imore.com 

Time really flies, eh?