Winamp is coming back, ya'll! Everybody's favourite media player from the 90s is making a comeback in the market. See, if you are a child of the 2000s, you probably haven't an inkling of how difficult it used to be to listen to music. 

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Try downloading a 6 min KK song at kbps speed on a 2G internet!

This predates Windows Media Player and all the fancy zig-zag type graphics we used to stare at for hours because that passed off for what was fascinating back in the day!

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But somewhere around the late 2000s, people started preferring carrying their music with them in pocket-sized devices. 

So, the last version of Winamp -5.5 was released in 2007. But now Winamp is prepared for a relaunch, with a beta version almost ready. Even Twitter can't help but be nostalgic about this comeback!

We should have not let it go in the first place. Like that one dude said, it's the future we forgot to build.