Admit it, Monday mornings are irksome in more ways than one. 

1. It’s Monday.

2. You’re probably hungover. 


The Conversation

Monday mornings spell ‘DOOM’ (yes, all in caps) for Game of Thrones fans in India…


…who try their best to evade spoilers that froth to the top of social media’s “trending topics”.


You log on to Facebook/Twitter on a Monday morning and some idiotic bugger has already ‘spilled the beans for you’…

Well, I have been prey to this growing menace of GoT spoilers and I usually stay offline till I’ve seen the episode.


However, the times, they are a changing!

Did you know that you could block GoT spoilers from showing up on your computer screens?

Yes, Google Chrome to the f-ckin’ rescue!


A Chrome extension called ‘GameOfSpoils’ blocks out social media posts/news articles that mention certain GoT-related keywords!


Here’s a description of the extension:

“Detects and blacks out any posts on Facebook or Reddit, tweets on Twitter, or stories on Google News that mention Game of Thrones or many other GoT-related terms, such as ‘Winterfell’ or ‘Targaryen’.”

Monsters and Critics

Time to add this new extension and thank me, maybe?