I was a 13-year-old kid when the T20 World Cup was played for the first time. 

Even with my limited knowledge of the sport, I really liked what I saw in that tournament. 

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From Yuvraj's 6 sixes, to clinching the trophy in an insanely exciting final, it had all the elements of a thrilling World Cup. 

But what caught my attention, was the enigmatic captain MS Dhoni who turned everything that he touched into gold.

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The first-time skipper gave Joginder Sharma the final over in the final match. The match India was playing against arch-rivals Pakistan. 

It was an unlikely choice and everyone watching the final collectively lost hope with that decision.

However, something unexpected happened. 

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Pakistan needed 6 runs off 4 balls to win the match and overcome by the excitement of being so close to victory, the batsman on crease Misbah-ul-Haq, attempted to hit the 3rd delivery for a 6. 

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The ball went in the air, taking all of India's hopes with it.

But the master, the magician, had planned his tricks. A carefully placed Sreesanth caught the ball near the boundary and we won the tournament. 

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That was how MS Dhoni arrived on the scene. 

In coming years, Dhoni would emerge as a captain and a player whom you understood less with every passing game, and that kept your interest piqued. 

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It wasn't over until it was over. 

MS Dhoni taught India how to dream. 

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Like everyone who started following cricket in the later years of the past decade, I have a special place for Dhoni in my heart. 

And the way he led us to victory in two World Cups and numerous other thrilling matches, is something I can never forget. 

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Yes, there is no bigger name in the sport than Sachin Tendulkar and yes, if there is anyone who has come close to breaking his records, it's Virat Kohli.

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But Mahi was the reason I started watching cricket and for that alone, he will always be my cricket hero.

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What he does is beyond comprehension for most people. 

It's like a wizard making things happen with spells or a sharp predator who has its eyes fixed on the target. 

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He doesn't scream, doesn't shout, doesn't abuse. 

He just stands quietly behind the stumps, noticing the fine details and waiting for the batsman to falter. 

One extra second beyond the crease and you're gone.

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For years, he contributed to team's success with his leadership qualities and excellent performance with bat and gloves.

Now that he is not the captain, we still win games but I miss that swiftness, that accuracy and that perfection. 

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Virat is leading the team well and deserves all the praise he is getting. 

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Sachin is arguably the best cricketer to play the game and it makes sense why the elder generation reveres him so much. 

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But as someone who has seen Dhoni change the game one unexpected decision, one stumping and one sixer at a time, my choice is definite and clear. 

For me, cricket was always about Mahi and it will always be.