After years of speculation & ‘will they, won’t they?’, FRIENDS has returned. Sadly, there’s no new season coming up [spoiler alert: ever], nor is that reunion movie, which has been in the pipeline forever. But now, you can keep all 10 seasons of the iconic show at your fingertips, thanks to Hotstar Premium. At least someone heard us!

Naturally, hours after all the episodes of this classic sitcom dropped on the streaming platform, Twitter was abuzz with joy!

Can you believe that this cult show and its fandom started way back on 22nd September 1994? Since then Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross & Joey have walked into our television screens and ruled the prime time comedy scene for more than two decades. They have made their way from TV, DVDs, CD rips, Blu-ray to laptops, phones and streaming apps. There are generations that have grown up on Friends! The best part? From pop-culture references, ice-breakers to memes - it’s a show that has remained relevant through it all. Case in point, there’s a Friends episode for every mood! 

1. When your love life is shitty

2. When you feel particularly goal-less in life

Makes you want to watch your favourite episodes for the 100th time? We thought so too. Just head to ‘the one with all the episodes’ – Hotstar Premium – and start anywhere you want. Because they’ll be there for you. When the rains start to pour. They’ll be there for you. Like they’ve been for you before.

You caught yourself singing along, didn’t you?