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Losing weight is like a nightmare for most of the people. It seems that in order to lose weight you might have to give-up tasty, not so healthy food forever. But here we are, with 11 extreme diets that are much more, than just losing weight. 

1. Cotton ball diet

This includes eating (you read that right), literally eating cotton balls. 

Ever thought, something used to clean makeup can also clean body fat? Apparently, few people actually make use of cotton balls to get rid of their extra kilos. The recipe to this crazy diet is, chewing one plate of cotton balls dipped in your favourite fruit juice for a week till your body gets deprived of all the basic nutrients. 

Source: ByeByeBellyBlog

2. The tapeworm diet

This diet includes ingesting tapeworms in your intestine to not gain weight. 

This practically is self induced diarrhoea. Tape worms are those organisms that can breed in your intestine, which means they can also share the nutrition & fats of your food. There are certain pills which induce the growth of tapeworms in your body which makes you thin because of incomplete nutrition.

Source: Zidbits

3. The ketogenic enteral nutrition diet

This diet restricts on any kind of food intake from the mouth for 10 days. 

This is the 'baap' of all other diets. People who practice KEN diet aren't allowed to eat or drink anything for a span of 10 days, they even have to get a pipe inserted through their nose for the supply of basic nutrients.

Source: Kissfmmedan

4. David Kirsch 48-hour super charged cleanse

This is a diet that includes 48 hours of drinking nothing except lemonade.

This is introducing your body to a flood of lemonade. For those who follow this diet, even drinking water is restricted. It is an intake of only lemonade for minimum 48 hours in order to shed weight. 

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5. Baby food diet

It replaces few of your food items with baby food (also means you poop like a baby).

This one might seem easy, but trust me it's like giving the taste of hell to your tongue. Having boiled, pureed vegies for 10 days without salt or any other spices can be a real tough task to perform. The things we do to lose weight!

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6. The master cleanse diet

This involves the intake of only fluids for 10 days. 

Apparently this is a popular detox diet followed by many celebrities. It requires a lot of dedication and will power to sustain yourself only on the intake of fluid material for a time span of 10 days. By following it you might lose 20 pounds in 10 days

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7. The five bite diet

This one works on the ideology of taking only 5 bites of a meal. 

Call it a disaster or starvation, but this diet is a training of having only 5 bites from your meal each time, irrespective of its content. Avoiding food and teaching your body to lose appetite is the actual requirement of this diet. Lack of food intake makes the body shed weight. 

Source: PlaysInBusiness

8. Vegetable soup diet

This works on the consumption of vegetable soup for a week in large quantities. 

If you are looking for a tasteless way to lose weight, this is where your search ends. Boil as many vegetables you like, make a soup and start having them in a large bowl for a full week.

Source: FoodViva

9. Miracle Diet

For this diet, one must consume only fruits for 2 days minimum.

Also known as the Hollywood diet, this diet is all about making your body run on fruits or fruit juice for a span of 48 hours, minimum.

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10. The blue print cleanse

Basically you have 3 different variants of  chemical based fluid cleansers. 

This diet can be practised by drinking chemical detox drinks made by various companies in the health business. It requires you to have only detox drinks till the time you achieve your desired target.

Source: EndlessSimmer

11. The apple cider liver cleanse

You eat your normal diet along with with apple cider vinegar with every meal.

You may call it the easiest one. It involves drinking 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar before every meal you take. Since apple cider vinegar has fat burning qualities, it might help you get rid of your saturated fats. 

Source: HealthLine

Note: before taking any of these diet plans please consult a legal medical practitioner.