Whenever we think of a dystopian world, we think of situations that are otherwise impossible to exist. But, what if there was a world where one real thing that's dear to the entire world, didn't exist at all? We might just go insane, especially if that thing happens to be something chocolaty.

But guess what, this horror has actually become a reality, thankfully not for us, but for our beloved comedians. So, here's the situation - comics like Sahil Shah, Sapan Verma, and Biswa are losing their mind as they just can't find anything chocolaty to eat. This has, naturally, led to a lot of chaos in their otherwise chilled lives, and apparently, it gets worse!

If you think I am joking, you should check out these shreds of evidence:

1. Sahil Shah tries hard to convince his gro-sir.

2. Biswa breaks up with his girl, over things chocolaty!?

3. Sapan Verma is taking the matter to the streets.

4. Rohan Joshi and Tanmay Bhatt's feud seems to be heated up!

How come these comics are not able to find anything chocolaty? Now, I know there's something fishy about this and we're definitely going lengths to find out why in the world they're being deprived of all the chocolaty pleasures. Don't go anywhere!

This is a creative visualization. All the characters and incidents are imaginary and resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental and is not intended to disparage or hurt any sentiments or beliefs.