After the solid debauchery of the festive season that has just passed and fresh into the New Year we're probably reeling under the pressure of our lofty resolutions of exercise and eating right. We're trying to make it count this time and in our search for shortcuts or loopholes we have found the next best thing. Conquer the raging sweet-tooth, look sugar in the face and reject the delight we find in it - instead replace it with these fruits that taste just like your favourite dessert, well almost.  

Java Bananas Or Blue Bananas

Also called Hawaiian Bananas, this sweet, aromatic fruit tastes just like good ol' vanilla ice-cream


Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties this fresh fruit tastes like a light mixture of peaches and cream


Meet the King Of Fruits In South East Asia. Although this pulpy fruit smells like sweaty socks, it tastes like luscious almond ice-cream


Also called Egg Fruit or Yellow Sapote this fruit tastes like a creamy custard perfect for blending into shakes or ice-cream.


This fruit found in the Amazon forest tastes almost like chocolate, almost.

Ice-Cream Bean

When you split the bean the pulpy fruit looks like cotton candy, but tastes like plain but reliable vanilla ice-cream

Black Sapote

While there is no relation to the cocoa family whatsoever, this fruit tastes just like chocolate pudding

There you go, let's hope this helps us win the fight.