New Delhi: Not everyone is happy within Congress - India's oldest political party . It has faced rout in two states and failed to form government in two other states, despite having highest number of seats in the fractured mandate. 

While the lack of quick action in Manipur & Goa might have ensured that the party remained out of power, it's the loss in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand which, many think, has brought the party to dust. 

And the loss brought a storm of dissent. With a chorus asking for "restructuring" and "introspection" within the ranks of party.

Sample these statements from some top Congress leaders after March 11. 

"We need to put our heads together and rebuild the party. It's not about one person. This party has not been about one person. It has been about a collective," former Congress MP Priya Dutt said on Wednesday while reflecting on the defeat. 

She also tweeted: 

Congress MP Satyavrat Chaturvedi's statement on the party's defeat highlighted that the Congress's refusal to introspect after 2014 Lok Sabha polls, had led to the current situation of the party. 

But it was Chaturvedi's comments regarding party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi which was telling. 

During an interview on CNN News, Chaturvedi was asked if Congress should move beyond Gandhi. He replied: "I think in larger interest of the party, Rahul himself has to take a decision."

Probed whether Gandhi was the leader party was looking for, Chaturvedi said he has to "observe some constraints and restraints." 

While remaining "hopeful of comeback" after the defeat, Chaturvedi, in an introspective comment, stressed the party should bring those into its fold who know "grassroots politics." 

When Congress MP Sandeep Dikshit was asked if Gandhi needed time to mature, he bluntly stated "there is no time left for us."

"I don't think there is time for anybody to mature. They all know that you have to work hard. I hope they know how to work hard. Everybody must introspect or share with the party what went wrong." 

While he might be the centre of discussion within the party circles, Rahul Gandhi himself couldn't restrain from saying something's wrong with the party. 

" far as Congress is concerned we do need to make structural, organisational changes," he said, while maintaining that the results were not bad for the party.  

And the uncomfortable voices are only growing day by day.

On Wednesday, former film star and Chief of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee Raj Babbar offered to resign following March 11 results. 

Babbar's offer came days after a group of Congress legislators in Goa blamed the party's top leadership for the failure to form the government in the coastal state. 

"I am very upset with the way our party leaders handled the situation after the (Goa Assembly poll) results, which gave us the first right -- as the single largest party -- to form the government. I feel let down at the functioning of the party leaders who could not take a decision at the right time," Congress MLA Vishwajit Rane said. 

Congress's single woman MLA in Goa,Jeniffer Monserratte, was more scathing in her attack.

"Our party leaders are to be blamed for the failure to form the government. People had given us the mandate but party leaders failed to respect it. It is entirely their fault," she said. 

For now, Rane has written a letter to Rahul Gandhi stating "mismanagement" by Congress's top leadership in Goa for failing to stake claim to form a government. He's hopeful Gandhi will reply to his letter. But what if he doesn't?

"If he doesn’t respond then me and some others will decide if it is ideal to stay in party or not," Rane said. 

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Feature image source: PTI/File Photo