Menopause is something not all women look forward to with a positive attitude. Hormonal changes to them is a nightmare that brings along with its hot flashes, sleep depressiveness and many other problems. However, it a natural part of life and the experience of it will be different for every woman. Feed down in your mind these 8 things that will help you stay calm and cool during this stage of being a woman. 

1. Menopause is something you don't experience overnight. It takes around 12 months of irregular menstruation cycle for a woman to reach the stage of menopause. This 12 months time period is known as perimenopause. 

2.  While some women experience menopause early and some late, on average, menopause occurs between the age of 45 to 55. 

3. Just like menarche has its symptoms, so does menopause which includes hot flashes, sleep problems, vaginal dryness, mood changes, headaches etc. 

4. It is a myth that the body of a female stops producing hormones after menopause. The adrenal glands continue to produce estrogen and progesterone. It is just the overall production that declines. 

5. It is a fact that once a woman hits her menopause, her fertility rate decreases and she cannot conceive but that does not diminish the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

6.   Your menopause depends a lot on your menarche or your first-period occurrence. Women who start menstruating at an early age are more likely to have premature menopause and vise versa. 

7.  When a woman is in her perimenopause phase, she still has the ability to get pregnant. 

8. Menopause, not only influences your reproductive health but also increase your risk of heart disease, bone loss, urinary incontinence, and oral health issues.

And oh woman! you are still going to be hot, it will just come in flashes now.