A time where kids were smart instead of their phones. A time where festivals were celebrated and not posted online. Yes, I am talking about the 90s. A time when even 1 could make you really, really happy.  

However, with changing times, the value of money has also changed. Now, a ₹1 coin is of not much use. 

Kahan gaye vo din jab 1 ki chaar toffee aati thi?

Here is the list of  things we could buy with just ₹1, back in the 90s: 

1. Matka Kulfi 

2. Imli

3. Lattu/Top

4. Yoga Pencils 

5. Rasna 

6. Kanche 

7. Crazy Balls

8. Coffee-Bite

9. Water Tattoo 

10. Hajmola

11. Sticky Burgers

12. Checking your weight in this machine

13. I 

Though this never erased ink! 

14. Slap Bracelet 

15. Little Bay Blades

How the times have changed, right?