Every year we celebrate Independence day and look back to see how far we have come. The economy is going strong, the skyline of every city rising with every passing year, and so many other advancements. But shouldn’t we be growing in our minds as well? How can we afford to still have stagnated minds and outdated thoughts when everything around us is evolving into its better version? Why do we keep holding on to medieval mindsets and continue calling it ‘preserving our culture’. But do we even know what culture stands for? Culture,in a way, is the accumulation of life experiences being passed from one generation to another and all of us together help shape it. It is continuously evolving while shedding the unnecessary parts, however, if it’s static, we are definitely doing something wrong.

As a nation, we found freedom in 1947 but it seems as if Indian women have had to fight for a longer period to be free and equal. Why can’t we be more tolerant and empathetic towards each other’s differences, choices, colour, lifestyle, and individuality? We have had to work our arses off towards one independence day, but did we really understand it also means freedom from toxic thoughts? As women, we are still fighting for freedom from countless things. 

Here's a look at all the things we women want freedom from.

 Every Indian woman has a personal list of freedom goals. What are yours?

Design credits: Lakshya Vij