The home of wonderful experiences, Munnar is a true treasure hidden inside the folds of Kerala. The place is nearly 130 kilometers from Cochin, the capital of Kerala. Munnar has good transportation connectivity to give the visitors the ultimate travel experience. It is those lush green hills, chilly evening breeze, flavors of tea and a really picturesque view that makes Munnar a place worth crushing on. 

1. Mountain Biking

Probably, one of the best things to do while you are in Munnar is to explore the green hill on a mountain bike. Mountain Biking is quite a thing in Munnar and thanks to the wonderful trails of Western Ghats, no matter you are an expert cyclist or just another amateur in it like us, you can still enjoy the adventure. You can book for mountain biking in Munnar from here


2. Wildlife Safari

Stretched over a splendid 97 square kilometers is the most happening safari spot of Munnar, the Eravikulam National Park. It is one of those popular destinations that attracts thousands of tourists a year because of it being the home the home to many endangered species. Thinking of taking the experience? Check out Munnar Wildlife


 3. Shikara Ride

Shikara ride in the Kundala Lake is an experience that is one of its kind. The place is located in the middle of lush green hills and dark, dense high-tree forests and offers the visitors a soothing vision. 


 4. Ayurvedic Spa

There is some magic in the clean water and cool weather of Munnar that works as a great rejuvenation agent. Munnar is home to some of the most relaxing and health-enhancing ayurvedic spa. 


 5. Enjoy the Kathakali Culture

Kathakali is the traditional dance form of the Punarjani Village of Kerala. Performed by skilled artists, this ancient dance form receives an abundance of love worldwide and watching one live can be a treat to the eyes. 


 6. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most loved sport for both the local people as well as the tourists. Climbing the green hills of Munnar is sure to be an adventure that will leave your adrenaline level up to bar. 


 7. Elephant Safari

Carmelagiri Elephant Park offers you to ride elephants for about thirty minutes in the dense Kerala forests. Why are we excited about it? Because there are not many places around the globe that lets you have this amazing experience of riding an elephant.


 8. Visit Kolkukkmalai Tea Plantation.

 Munnar’s Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation is the highest elevation tea plantation in the world. What makes it different from other tea plantations is the old style tea plantation technique used here that retains the high quality of the leaves making it ultimately rich in texture and flavor. 


 9. Visit the famous Munnar Museum.

Munnar has a tea museum that was established in 2005 by Tata Tea to give the curious tourists the desired information about tea processing. So, if you are die-hard chai lover, you must visit the Tea Museum of Munnar to give your taste buds a delicious party of some of the most exotic varieties of tea.


 Kerala is undoubtedly incomplete without Munnar. The eye-pleasing beauty of this green hills area is beyond description. It is a place for everyone. 

Scoopwhoop Travel Tip for the day? When doing mountain biking in Munnar, do visit the Cardamom trail. Best time to visit? Between September till May. Planning to make a visit to this Kerala beauty? Check out some amazing deals here