Thinking of going to Singapore on your next trip? You definitely should! Singapore is a beautiful place. When I was on a trip to Singapore, I fell in love with their delicious food, adventure spots, and friendly and warm people. However, there were some things I wish I knew before I visited the place. Want to know? Read on. 

1. Alcohol is pretty expensive in Singapore and going out for a few drinks there can burden your pocket.

Source: Hangar 12

2. Singapore can get really hot and humid. So when packing, keep yourself a few light and breathable clothes.  

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3. You can find some lip-smacking coffee in Singapore's Hawker Centre. So ditch your precious Starbuck store while you are there.

Source: The Straits Times

4. The Singapore Tourism Board hosts many events throughout the year. Make sure you attend a few when you are there. 

Source: Singapore Circle

 5. There are many scam hotspots in Singapore dealing with electronic and telecommunication products. 

Source: Vancouver Courier

6. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore. You will not find any shops in Singapore selling chewing gum.

Source: Culture Trip

7. Get yourself a travel sim card from Starhub. It's safe and reasonable. 

Source: StartHub

8.  Pointing toes towards someone is considered disrespectful in Singapore. Patting someone’s head from behind is also not appreciated.