1. Tell your crush you love them before they find someone else.

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2. Quit your job before you start hating it.

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3. Travel to your dream destination before you run out of money.

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4. Learn to live alone before you become too dependent on other people.

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5. Follow your dreams before they get too far away.

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6. Forgive those who cheated on you before they make you lose trust in people.

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7. Let your parents know that they mean everything to you before they're gone from this world.

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8. Finish that book you started before you get too busy to read.

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9. Speak up your mind at work before your boss starts taking you for granted.

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10. Clear misunderstandings with an old friend before the bond is over.

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11. Talk to your grandparents as much as you can before you get too busy for them.

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12. Stop copying others before you lose your own identity.

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13. Listen to those giving you advice before everyone walks away from you.

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14. Give a call to whoever you're thinking about before the thought gets lost.

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15. Apologize before it's too late for forgiveness.

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16. Take care of your health before your body gives up on you.

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17. Let go of toxic people and relationships before they've corrupted your mind and soul. 

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