What does a modern, independent woman want from her man? Yes, she expects loyalty and honesty and yes, she wants true love. But these are qualities even men consider in the women they choose to be with. Since society's pre-defined roles for men and women are being questioned, shattered and made defunct by women almost every single day, naturally then, women's expectations from the men they love would also change, right? 

No longer needing financial or physical security, women of today want their men to be understanding, free-thinking and respectful. They'd want their men to treat them as strong-willed individuals who are capable of living their lives on their own terms. 

But what about romance? How does love change when respect and equality are paramount? Actually, love doesn't change. What changes is how a man expresses his love. It no longer is about buying her diamonds but more about sharing responsibilities and treating her career just as important! 

To make it easier for all the men, here's a list of things your women would like you to say more often. Remember, saying "I love you" isn't enough! 

Read ahead:

1. "We'll eat together when the food is cooked."

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2. "Thanks for dinner. It was delicious!"

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3. "You are important to me!"

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4. "I will make tea today."

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5. "I saw this dress & bought it for you. You'll look lovely in it!"

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6. "Do you want to dance with me?"

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7. "I know you're right and I will stand up for you!"

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8. "Do whatever you want. It's your life!"

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9. "Just because I don't agree with you, doesn't mean I don't respect your opinion."

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10. "Your mom should come more often to our place!"

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11. "Why don't you go and hang out with your friends instead?"

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12. "You are doing great at work. I am proud of you!"

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13. "Yes, I am listening!"

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14. "I am right here if you need me."

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15. "I know what you are passionate about and I am always there to support you."

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16. "I can't take my eyes off you!"

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17. "I wouldn't change a thing about you. I love you the way you are!"

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18. "Listen, can you help me with this?"

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19. "You don't need make-up to look beautiful."

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20. "What do you think of this shirt?"

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21. "We can hang out with your friends!"

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22. "It's your right to wear whatever you want. I'm no one to tell you otherwise!"

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A gentleman is one who treats his woman as an equal!