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Sep 13, 2017 at 12:47

Instead Of Buying The iPhone X, Here’s Everything You Can Do With ₹1,02,000

by Tatsam Mukherjee

The world witnessed the launch of the latest iPhone X last night, and as Tim Cook unveiled the 'future of the smartphone generation' the jokes have been coming in thick and fast. The 64 GB version has been priced at Rs 89,000, while the 256 GB version will be available in India for Rs 1,02,000.

Source: Vairety


One lakh! Some people are about to drop a lakh on a smartphone. My middle-class Indian sensibility says its too much. I mean, I understand it's state-of-the-art and all that, but if you're going to offer me a choice between a standard smartphone and a phone which costs Rs 1 lakh, there is not even a decision to make.  

We decided to have our share of fun with this amount Rs 1,02,000 and tried to see all it could buy us:

1. 2040 plates of Aloo parathas from the breakfast place near your office. Which is effectively 8 years worth of breakfast.

Source: YouTube


2. 5 years worth of subscription at a high-end gym, where you can work out with celebrities. Costs nearly 20k p.a. with a trainer included.

Source: Alux


3. 283 bottles of Old Monk, costing Rs 320 each.

Source: BrandWiki


4. A fully paid 4D4N vacation in London including - flight (Rs 40,000), staying at a 3-star hotel (Rs 40,000) with a meal at Heston Blumenthal's Michelin-star restaurant 'Fat Duck' (Rs 22,000).

Source: touringfun


5. 268 4-packs of Kingfisher Ultra Max - set for a whole year.

Source: Askmen


6. 255 movie tickets in a posh multiplex near you, at Rs 400 per ticket.

Source: Imagibox


7. 2500 plates of samosas from Gurgaon's famous Muchhad's SamosaZz.

Source: Edtimes


8. VVIP seats at the Justin Bieber concert - 76000, and the remaining 26000 to drink yourself to death after you see him lip-syncing from close quarters.

Source: Bemscd


9. 8 Redmi Note 4s (64 GB) - Rs 13000 each.

Source: Honorbuy


10. A 3N4D trip for 2 to Vietnam (Rs 49100 per head). 

Source: flyingsquirrels


Me: Think of all that you could buy. Do you still want that iPhone X?

Apple user: YASSSSS!


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