We Indians don't go to cinema halls for entertainment. Simply because we can find premium entertainment right on our streets. And that too free of cost. 

Don't believe me? Check out these images yourself. 

1. These guys re-defining SUVs.

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2. This auto rickshaw that can take off any minute now.

Source: Pinterest

3. Yeh ice-cream kaun khaayega?

     'Mein' khaaoonga.

Source: Blicka

4. This dentist who has made the streets his clinic.

Source: Just Giving

5. This seller who can see what the last meal you had was.

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6. This hill sign with some strange undertones.

Source: Ndtv

7. This cow who's doing her share of social service. 

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8. This doggo proving he's as fed up of traffic as we are.

Source: Quora

9. These heels that can 'drive' you crazy.

Source: Cars

10. This lady who decided to audition for Roadies on the road itself. 

Source: Majakia

11. This guy hitching the most economical ride to his school.

Source: Chuck's fun

12. This family that took the term 'tripling' to another level.

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13. This guy who is in dire need of some friends.

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14. These words of wisdom.

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15. These guys who are saying 'bus' bahut hua.

Source: Dipankar

16. This innovative advertisement. 

Source: Reddit

17. This technological masterpiece.

Source: Cornered

18. This kid riding like a bawse!

Source: enlightenment

19. This strangely ominous rhyme.

Note: In all seriousness, don't do this, it could hurt!

Source: The pinsta

20. This vehicle that needs camel power and not horse power. 

Source: LinkInd

21. These ladies who are the real khatron ki khiladi.

Source: Love

22. These guys who strongly believe in equality. 

Source: restnova

23. Proof that Batgirl lives in India.

Source: restnova

24. This swag level that's impossible to match.

Source: beritdunia

25. This impossible feat.

Source: ynlch

Like they say, it happens only in India.