You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of an Indian.  

That's what happened with Gaurav Jhaveri at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. 

This cultured Indian boy just couldn't hold back while he was being handed the graduation certificate. He bent down and touched the feet of his dean as a mark of respect, a value we Indians have been taught since childhood.

While his mother would be beaming with pride seeing her son being 'sanskaari' in a foreign land, the Dean was certainly taken aback. In the video that has now gone viral, the Dean is seen looking puzzled at his feet and kept looking at Jhaveri wondering what just happened. 

Needless to say, the Dean's priceless reaction has attracted a wondrous amount of re-tweets and a plethora of funny reactions. 

And of course, people were all praises for Gaurav's 'sanskaari' gesture