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Sep 13, 2017 at 19:45

This Bhojpuri Actor Kidnapped His Own Son To Teach His Wife A Lesson

by SW Staff

Earlier this week, a Bhojpuri actor, Shahid, his live-in partner, Kashish alias Alisha, and two other people were arrested from New Delhi's West Vinod Nagar for allegedly kidnapping actor's two years old son in order to teach a lesson to his ex-wife Muskaan, reported Hindustan Times.

On June 26, the grandmother of the child, Mumtaz,  had filed a complaint at Jamia Nagar Police Station regarding the kidnapping of her daughter's two-year-old son. A reward of Rs 20,000 was announced for any information about the child.

Bhojpuri actor Shahid, his live in partner Kashish arrested | Source: Hindustan Times


Deputy Commissioner of Police, South East district, Romil Baaniya, said, "Initially the biological father Shahid diverted the investigation of the case to raise suspicion over his live-in partner Alisha and mislead the police team to conduct raids at different places,"

"But when the team raised some suspicion over Shahid, he disappeared from the picture and hid from the police.", reported Pioneer

Police nabbed absconding Shahid and his live-in partner, Kashish, from New Delhi's West Vinod Nagar and found the child with them. The child has since been returned to his mother.

During interrogation, Shahid stated that he was earlier married to Muskaan and they had a son. After their separation, his wife wouldn’t let him meet the child, so he planned to kidnap him.


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