If you've ever wondered why India treats the word 'sex' with such aversion that we're one step away from crossing ourselves every time we hear it, look no further than our popular media. Growing up, touching two flowers on the screen meant a kiss, and the closing of a door signified sex. Most of all, desire and pursuit, along with the consequent fulfillment of the same, was always the man's territory. A woman wanting to 'explore her sexuality' was a blasphemous concept and an even riskier term. Women were supposed to lie back and think of Mother India. 

Well, since the women of today are unanimously calling bull on that notion, we've thankfully been treated to more 'lady-oriented' material (yes, that's a dig). At the forefront of this movement, though, is Durex, who have always put it like it is: sex is a natural phenomenon, and there is no harm in wanting it. Nothing says that better than their new ad below, where a girl goes around her house hiding condoms in, ahem, convenient places. She knows what she wants, and she's not afraid to get it.