When we were in school, the day we received the exam schedule used to be the day we vowed to study hard for our exams. We would go home, put the exam schedule up on a wall with tape, and then... nothing. We would stare at the schedule every day, pass by it at least twice, but the only progress we'd make would be a false promise: "I am going to start tomorrow." That tomorrow, of course, would come with only a week for the exams to start and bring with it anxiety, our mother's rants, and a regretful 'if only.'  

You'd think that once you grow up, you'd learn to be a bit more proactive; that you'd actually pay your bills before the last day, lead a more balanced life and plan for your future. The truth is that most of us are either too caught up in our daily routines or busy running behind targets to climb up the corporate ladder. As a result, important life aspects such as health, family, investments & insurance get neglected and take a back seat. Most of us don’t have contingency plans for future emergencies and in times of need, we end up regretting not taking decisions at the right time. 

If you too are ready with the whole 'I'm too busy to worry about this. I've got time to stall this', excuse, let me direct you to this hilarious yet hard-hitting ad by PNB MetLife. You see, it follows the story of a legendary musician, Kavinarayan Sharma, who in his prime was too caught up to pay attention to securing his family’s future with an insurance policy, and is now trying to protect them from the great beyond. 

The moral? Don't wait too long before taking life's most significant decisions. Watch and learn, folks! #MakeTime for the important things in life before it's too late.