It's said that it takes just about 30 seconds to make an impression in front of an interviewer, a new date, or a stranger at a party. People will form an impression of you, your character, and your personality; it's almost indelible, and all this within 30 seconds of meeting you. You may need to have your act together at all times to make an ever-lasting impression. And, not just an impression, it takes a few seconds to compel someone to do something challenging too. I mean, you can fall in love in 30 seconds, break the finish line and win a race, kill it in an interview and get that dream job; your life can literally change in these 30 seconds.

I know most of you may have your two thoughts on my opinion but if there's one person who's nodding in agreement, it's my favourite Roadie, Rannvijay Singha. In fact, it's this new thought-provoking video by Castrol POWER1 that completely changed my perspective of 30 seconds. 

Just like we need the right amount of inspo and passion to master our craft and get things done; similarly, the quality of oil is the key to a smooth, efficient and powerful engine. Simply put, if there is only one thing you'll do for your engine, is use a good oil that improves your bike's overall performance. Castrol POWER1 gives us the #PowerToPlay. It can get you 5 metres ahead of competitors in just 30 seconds.* Motorbike lovers, are you all listening? No matter what kind of bike you're riding, Castrol POWER1 gives you superior acceleration at the twist of the throttle.

So, now that I've given some perspective on the importance of 30 seconds, here’s a look at the cool #PowerToPlay video from Castrol POWER1.