Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with books and the writing styles of novelists. Back in the day, every time I wrote something, I tried to emulate their style and form. Eventually, when I found my own voice as a writer, I didn't give up on taking inspiration from the novelists I looked up to. To this day, their work is what drives me to become better as a writer. Just the other day, I stumbled upon a video of a young boy doing something so incredible that it motivated me to pursue my dreams with even more passion and vigor.

The star of the video was a young boy Siddhikant Mishra, who with an incredible feat, has left all the brainiacs wondering 'how did he do that?' We've all heard of the Rubik's cube and how solving it requires high IQ (and a lot of patience, if you ask me). Driven by speed, Mishra in this video solves 3 Rubik's cubes in 38 seconds! I know right? I can't solve a single cube even if I am given the entire day! That's the reason why I am in awe of Siddhikant's skills, so much so, that I want to befriend him and know the secret behind his success. Needless to say, he has been blessed with copious amounts of grey matter and is a genius at doing something that can put even the most brilliant minds in a twist. Watching this prodigy at work, ruthlessly solving one cube after another is a spectacle which has to be seen to be believed. Watch and get inspired! 

Siddhikant is clearly driven by speed! #WhatDrivesYou?