Growing up, I remember playing house with my older brother. I would always be in the kitchen, making tea and he'd always be pretending to fix the car or the fridge. Unknowingly we've grown up perpetuating a short-sighted view that there are certain things that a woman can't do. No matter how progressive we become, we cannot help but inadvertently tend to undermine the capabilities of women when it comes tasks like technology and finances. Truth be told, there's nothing that a woman can't do, in these modern times. She is an empowering force that can single-handedly make her mark in a man's world. We just need to let her spread her wings and fly.

This Women's Day, A.O. Smith has brought to our attention this very point in their thought-provoking video. They show strong and independent women taking charge of everyday decisions, in an attempt to empower viewers enough to do away with preconceived gender notions for good. And we just can't help but laud their efforts. Kudos, guys!