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Sep 13, 2017 at 20:32

16 Times An iPhone X Type Prick Totally Stole The Thunder From A iPhone 8 Type Bechara

by Smrutisnat Jena

Apple in its annual event to mark its 10th anniversary launched iPhones on Wednesday; the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Under normal circumstances, iPhone 8 would have been the shizz for the next few weeks to come. People would be going gaga over its not-so-unique features. But not on this day. Today is all about the iPhone X (to be pronounced 10). 

So we paid our tributes to the fallen one, who was forgotten, just 10 minutes after its inception. We found a list of characters who have quite literally been at the receiving end of the same treatment as the iPhone 8, as people forgot them for the newer and shinier iPhone X

1. Gale came first like iPhone 8 but 10 minutes later Peeta swooped in and stole Katniss, like iPhone X stole our imaginations.


2. Tim Cook is like Rahul. But unlike, Tina, the iPhone X isn't dying. So tough luck, Anjali  iPhone 8.


3. Windows 8 was good and we were happy till, they rained down Windows 10 on us, we never spoke of Windows 8 iPhone 8 again.


4. Even Voldemort ignored the Neville Longbottom like we all are doing with iPhone 8 and went for a flashier iPhone X, which cost him a lot more.


5. When the tales are told, Samwise Gamgee will be the iPhone 8 that just happened to be launched on the same day as iPhone X. 


6. L K Advani was the iPhone 8 that was promised but Modiji came in with his iPhone X like swag and took the throne. 


7. Jorah Mormont will forever be the iPhone 8 that lost his love to the Jon Snow.


8. Gautam Gambhir's 97 will forever be the iPhone 8 that remains in the shadow that is MS Dhoni iPhone X.


9. Daario was good looking, loyal and basically perfect boyfriend material. He was basically the iPhone 8 whose thunder got totally stolen by that iPhone X of a Jon Snow.


10. Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was as forgettable as iPhone 8 and we are glad that Tom Holland came with the upgrades.


11. Rhaegal will always be in the shadow of his older, more fashionable brother, the iPhone X-like-Drogon.


12. Gunther, like iPhone 8 might have been the coolest guy around but Ross just had to be the iPhone X and steal away the glory.


13. Bajirao just switched his iPhone 8 with an iPhone X.


14. Make no mistake. Cersei still loves her iPhone 8 of a brother but the iPhone X like Euron has just more perks.


15. If you ever feel useless, remember Rickon Stark, who belonged to the same family as his iPhone X like siblings but died because he couldn't zig-zag.


16. Remember when thanks to Steve Harvey Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez won the crown for 10 seconds? Yeah, the iPhone 8 must have felt just like her.


The fact is, that these characters deserved so much better from life, just like the iPhone 8. But such is the way of the world.

Design Credit: Rashi Khandelwal


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