This one is for everyone who followed the ghastly American Presidential race all the way to its horrifying end. As the world's collective nervous laughter subsides to reveal the very real panic that, let's face it, we all should be feeling right now... As you recover from the fact that there may not just be a fat, gold 'T' on top of the White House soon but that World War 3 may not be all that distant anymore... Shall we take a minute to thank Obama for being all he was?

Barack Obama was not just a great president, but an all-round superstar. He was as popular as he was for a reason. Every thing he did and said was drenched in class and charm. Let's face it, the guy's appeal goes beyond politics and today, we want to take some time to celebrate every time he was the coolest POTUS the world has ever seen.

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1. When in a discussion about marijuana, he admitted to have "inhaled frequently" in the past and frikkin' owned it.

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2. When he joked about pies at the White House having crack in 'em to emphasise just how good his resident pastry chef was. Michelle had to clarify, just in case Fox News was there to demand the chef's birth certificate.

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3. When he featured in this adorable 'Things We All Do But Don't Talk About' video to promote healthcare among the people.

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4. When he prank-announced that the U.S. Government was actually building Iron Man. Not really. Maybe. It's classified.

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5. When he went on Between Two Ferns to promote Obama Care health insurance, but also didn't forget to take Zach's case for making a shitty third Hangover movie.

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6. When he teamed up with Steven Spielberg, and played Daniel Day Lewis playing Obama. The Correspondents' Dinner guests sure got a taste of Obama-ception and a good laugh.

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7. When he took over the The Colbert Report to show 'em how reporting is really done. And did it with all the presidential panache humanly possible.

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8. When he said in no uncertain terms that he thought Kayne West was a "jackass" for ruining Taylor Swift's MTV award moment.

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9. When his Correspondents' Dinner speeches were so funny we wondered if he really could do stand-up after his term finishes (really, ain't nobody can deny that he's got impeccable timing and a face as straight as an arrow). Especially here, when he got himself an Anger Translator.

10. And not only is the guy ridiculously funny, he's given us some of the cleverest, most awesome comebacks American politics have seen recently. The guy knows how to deliver a burn.

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11. When he took 'being the people's president' seriously by regularly reading letters from ordinary Americans and inviting some of them to join him for dinner at the White House.

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12. When he wrapped up his glorious eight year term with a sexy slow jam with Jimmy Fallon, 'cause what better way for the grooviest president in America's history to say goodbye?

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13. All the times he dropped it like it's hot and got jiggy with it like a frikkin' boss. I mean, look at him go. He's easily the grooviest man to ever lead the US of A.

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14. And the guy pulls off a mic drop like he was effin' born to do it. Like he was born an absolute classy-ass gangsta.

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15. And let's not forget, he mistakenly left his cellphone behind and ran back into the White House, just like you and I have done (except with our regular houses) a couple of hundred times.

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Let's raise a glass to the glorious reign of Barack Obama. You made the United States look infinitely cooler, Mr. President.

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