The Karnataka government just banned Sunny Leone from making an appearance at a New Year's Eve party. They claim it was because of pro-Kannada outfits protesting that her act is 'obscene' and against their culture. That they don't want her to spoil their youth. And they're right, I can totally understand why they'd deny her permission. I totally agree with the government that it's obscene, even though I don't really know what that word means. But if the government says it, it must be true. After all, she has such a graphic history of vulgar behaviour in India. 

Behaviour like this for instance.

1. The time she was interviewed 'professionally' by Bhupendra Chaubey

Source: News18

2. The time she adopted a baby girl from an orphanage

Source: Thenewsminute

3. The time she made this 'obscene' appearance at a store in Mumbai

Source: Hamaraphotos

4. The time she was part of a charity event for cancer patients aid

Source: Deccanchronicles

5. The time she funded a school for underprivileged kids

Source: Topcount

6. The time she went to an orphanage to spread Christmas joy

Source: Deccanchronicle

7. The time she attended a tree plantation event for the environment

Source: Ozee

8. The time she fought for cruelty-free animal wear

Source: Filmibeat

9. The time she appealed to the public to get this cute doggo a home

Source: Instagram

10. The time she demanded that kids leave the set before she shot an item number

Source: Indiatimes

11. The time she did the ice bucket challenge for more research into the disease ALS

Source: Youtube

12. The time she fought for animal rights with PETA

Source: Bostondesiconnection

13. The time she promised to never endorse tobacco products

Source: Deccanchronicles