You are in the market and desperately need to use the loo. 

What do you do? Walk into the nearest restaurant, right?

Source: CN Traveller

We've have been doing this for years, but turns out we might have to change the habit now. 

Unless, paying a bill is not an issue. 

And by bill I don't mean the ₹5 we give in public toilets. This is a proper bill, with GST and 'parcel charges' applied. 

Recently, a man was given a bill for using the toilet by a restaurant in Tamil Nadu's Erode and he put the picture of it on Reddit.

As absurd as it sounds, there was parcel charge, GST and SGST applied on the subtotal.

What's the point of a parcel charge, you ask? I don't know. No one does.

As far as GST is concerned, I have accepted it as inevitable fate, so I don't even question it.

But people did, as they should.

And the takeaway? What exactly did he take away?

Let's just say there's nothing not weird about this bill.